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Lancaster, CA, Antelope Valley, and Los Angeles County premiere business attorneys, construction attorneys, contract attorneys, estate planning attorneys, landlord | tenant, and real estate attorneys.

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BUSINESS LAW: Our business law attorneys represent clients' engaged in a variety of industries. Our business attorneys are with you every step of the way and can assist with whatever business or corporate law needs you may have- from business formation to business disputes we are here for you!

CONSTRUCTION LAW: The construction law attorneys at Schaefer & Associates know their stuff! Mr. Schaefer was vice-preseident for a general engineering contractor for over 15 years so he knows all about construction. Whether you need help collecting a debt, foreclosing on a mechanics' lien, filing a bid protest with a governmental agency, litigating a construction dispute, or reviewing or drafting a construction contract- we are the only construction lawyers you should choose.

CONTRACT LAW: Schaefer & Associates contract law attorneys are experts in contracts! Our contract lawyers know contracts up and down. If you need a contract drafted-we're there! If you need a contract reviewed-we're there! And if you need a contract dispute litigated-we're there to get you results!

ESTATE PLANNING: Your final wishes should not be left to just any estate planning attorney. Choose only the best estate planning lawyers in Southern California. We can help you set up a complete estate plan, set up your living trust, set up your living will (advanced healthcare directive), or nominate guardians for your children.  Our attorneys have families of their own  and are compassionate and listen to your desires so that a specific plan is designed for you and your family.

LANDLORD & TENANT LAW: The eviction | unlawful detainer attorneys at Schaefer & Associates handle both residential and commercial evictions. When you need a tenant out quickly and efficiently we can help! Or when a landlord is just not following the law and doing something right-we can help!

REAL ESTATE LAW:  From real estate sales contracts to deeds of trust to receiverships- the real property attorneys at Schaefer & Associates will protect your most valuables assets-your real estate! Our real estate attorneys are experienced in handling a variety of complex real property matters.


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